Trace in endlessness
A musical event where we are bound to fall in love with Oliver's legacy

Honoring Oliver soon became a part of popular Croatian tradition.

Municipality of Vela Luka 

Project Manager and Coordinator
Petra Ivičević Bakulić

Account Manager
Hrvoje Markešić – Time frame company

Music Producer
Ante Gelo

Creative Director
Maro Pitarević

Senior Designer
Nikolina Šerbetić Keserić



Honoring Oliver soon became a part of popular Croatian tradition.


It was our third year of production “Trace in Endlessness” project, conceived as a series of events occurring every day in Vela Luka, celebrating Oliver’s life to preserve the legacy he left to everyone. Oliver Dragojević, who passed away in 2018 left an enormous trace in the hearts of Croatian people being the most legendary singer of dalmatian pop songs very much influenced by tradition and Klapa singing.

Admiration to his music, always followed by strong emotions, engaged us to provide the broad audience with the best outdoor experience of Oliver’s life and creativity. Concerts were a significant creative and production challenge for Real Group team and trusted collaboration partners since Oliver’s lifetime importance and influence on Croatian music are beyond ordinary boundaries. The aim was to offer a graceful event where the audience and musicians could enjoy Oliver’s epic glory in the heart of his hometown Vela Luka. 

The big challenge was to offer a graceful event where everyone – the entire audience, that is, everyone who came to the event – will be able to enjoy Oliver’s epic glory in the heart of his hometown Vela Luka.


The musical and artistic project began on July 26th in a relaxed summer atmosphere with a concert on the ferry from Split to Oliver’s beloved Korčula. Everyone who bought tickets could enjoy the show and this was just an overture in 5-day spirit whole musical experience.

The project’s highlight was a waterfront concert broadcast on national television HRT 1 on July 29th, when over 80 prominent Croatian musicians and singers performed. Zorica Kondža, Doris Dragović, Petar Grašo, Tedi Spalato, Petar Dragojević, Eli Žuvela and talented young performers, including Matija Cvek, Jure Brkljača, Dino Jelušić, Dino Petrić, Lorena Bućan played Oliver’s most beautiful songs evoking powerful responses in the audience.

On the same day, a mass and a recital were laid in the church of St. Josip with musicians Matija Cvek, Anta Gelo and the quartet Sequentia. On July 30th, the “Time of Love” concert was held on the market, performed by Zorica Kondža and Joško Banov’s orchestra. “Trace in Endlessness” ends this year’s story on July 31st, with a jazz concert on the market in front of the church of St. Josip performed by Gibonni, Matija Dedić, Dražen Bogdanović, Marko Ramljak, Marko Reljanović and Branimir Gazdik.


The entire concert was performed on the large pontoon in front of the waterfront where 20 thousand people, more attendees than ever before, excited to be there, picturesquely located in small boats and the port of Vela Luka, could enjoy the truly emotional live concert under the direction of Alan Bjelinski and music producer Ante Gelo.

Otvori galeriju fotografija

Otvori galeriju fotografija