About us

We are the leading independent marketing services company focusing on integrated marketing communication services, media strategy, planning & media investment, data science, mar-tech, creative communication platforms, PR and event management service with ambition to create valuable, relevant and trustworthy advertising and experiences.

Real grupa, a marketing communication agency headed by Krešimir Renzo Prosoli, is the leading agency in Croatia and one of the three key agency players in the regional market.

As a full-service agency, Real grupa provides integrated marketing communication services.
It has built its leading position in the market through excellence in creating and implementing media strategies, creative communication platforms, PR and event management services, digital signage, and in the organization and production of special projects.

The Agency was founded in 2007 on a specific vision from the very beginning: to be an agency that is a reliable partner to clients, associates, and the media. The independent agency, which is 100 percent privately owned, partners clients from all sectors and categories in as many as nine markets and on two continents.

Currently, Real grupa consists of agencies in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Slovenia.

Real grupa’s DNA is made up of the finest professionals who work together to create top results. The Agency has grown from a group of enthusiasts in 2007 to 200 employees it has today. Real Group’s team organization falls into four dynamic departments – media planning and media lease, creative, digital, and PR & events.

Although a business turning point in many ways, the year 2020 brought Real grupa the title of the leading agency on the Croatian market, according to the RECMA report. With almost 20 percent of the total market share, Real grupa is the agency with the highest market growth in the amount of 34 percent compared to 2019, and recruiting increased by 30 percent. In addition to being the leading agency in Croatia, Real grupa is among the top three regional agencies. It is responsible for clients’ media strategies in several markets in the region – in Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.

In addition to being positioned at the top of the media industry, Real grupa is also successful in projects creation, management and production.

Working with partners on cultural and artistic projects of national importance creates additional public interest in science, art, and success in Croatian cultural stories. In that way, it also promotes Croatia as a country of great inventors, scientists, artists, athletes, and other giants. The future of Real grupa lies in providing a unique experience to clients through the synergy of all departments and partnerships 365 days a year.

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